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Never pay per change

Actor Website Tip #27

Avoid any pay-per-change offers when seeking a company to build your actor website

I constantly see these popping up everywhere and they're trying to capitalize on you, so why give them the time of day?

Here's a screenshot of on of such offers I just found on the web:

Actor website tip - don't fall for pay per change charge

There's so many things wrong with this. First of all, that website did not show a single example of what they do. They offer a home page and 5 pages "of your choice", however your choice includes only 5 pages, so, pretty much, you're still getting a template from them. They don't host anything, it's hosted with another company.

Most insane thing is the price. You pay them annual fees + $699 + $49 per page change!When I first read it I thought it said 49 cents per page change, which is still annoying and obnoxious because each time you get a new credit, headshot or reel you'd have to fish out 49 cents for each change - these add up. But no! I read it wrong. $49 frigging dollars per change. It's not ridiculous. It's insane. Once you get a website with them you'll probably never want to update it ever again.


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