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Custom design for actor website might be your biggest mistake

Actor Website Tip #3

Don't fall for the custom designed website trap - use templates.

Time an time again I get contacted by actors asking me if I can keep their design and move their acting website over to IADB. It saddens me to hear their developer horror stories of how they've paid someone $800 or $2500 and they built them a website, but now they're nowhere to be found, and the website is not functioning or it needs updates or worse, it's not loading at all.

It saddens me more to tell them that it doesn't work that way and that they either need to hire another developer that might charge $100 an hour, or start fresh with a template actor website.

This sort of thing happens all the time. If you want to learn more just google search phrases like "my developer bailed" or "help me fix my website" and you'll see the people with one common denominator: custom designed websites.

My advice. Avoid custom development. The web is changing daily and you need to be able to adapt. Find something that works for you, save some money and you'll be glad in the end that you did.

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