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Avoid ads on your actor website

Actor Website Tip #4

Avoid websites with ads. Your visitors should not be distracted by flower shop ad placements

There are many options out there that will offer to get you your actor website for free.

Be wary of those.

The number one biggest issue with those are link and ad farms. Companies simply use your information and you advertising your website so that they can advertise to your visitors. Trust me! Nobody is going to your website in order to look at ads and nobody wants to see them there.

Sometimes these companies will place ads or links into 3 or more sections of a single page making your website look simply ridiculous. There's a menu, an ad, your picture, an ad, your bio, an ad... and so on. If your visitors accidentally click on ad and get redirected away from your page, the odds are - they're not coming back.

I've told two separate people that they have too many ads on their website and they didn't even know it. They both had an ad blocker turned on so the website looked fine to them. Guess what? Not everybody has an ad blocker. People will be able to see them and be annoyed by them, so stay away from that.

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