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Pay per upload actor websites

Actor Website Tip #5

Don't fall for charge per image / charge per video traps.

Here's another scam you need to avoid. These websites truly frustrate me and I've only seen these scams when the client is an actor or a model, no other cases.

These companies take advantage of the fact that you need to constantly get new headshots and share them with everyone. They realize that since you paid that $300 or $500 for your headshot session, you won't mind paying another $30 or $50 to upload these photos to your website. It's all a scam. You know how much it costs me to host a new photo on the Amazon server? It's less than a penny.

Let me clarify though. There are some casting companies out there that actually review your photo to ensure a quality upload and they manually add the photo to your profile. That's different. There's an actual person spending time to ensure that the photo looks good and is sized properly and it doesn't make you look amateurish in the eyes of a casting director.

Your website hosts won't do that for you. If you get charged to upload photos or videos. It's not worth it. Makes no difference if you're paying them only $20 a year, if they can charge you $500 to get your portfolio in order.

Stay away from pay-per-upload actor websites.

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