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Picking a domain name for your actor website

Actor Website Tip #1

Get domain names with your name or stage name in it. That's how people will find you.

There are always different opinions out there on what the first step of getting the website should be. Without any doubt, I strongly believe that the first step should be finding the right domain name.

If you're not exactly sure what a domain is, it is the address to your website, for instance "yourname.com" - it's a unique name, which means that if your name is Jane Smith and somebody already own "JaneSmith.com", you won't be able to get it. In which case I often suggest to add the word "actor" or "actress" to the name. If you're located in a specific city and you're not planning on moving, that could also be an option, i.e.: "JaneSmithLA.com"

TLD stands for Top Level Domain and it is what you put after the name, (example ".com"). There are many new TLDs that are coming out and becoming more popular. My new favorite one is ".co", however, if your name is available under ".com", I strongly recommend getting it instead.

There are many different tools out there that can help you pick a domain by providing synonyms and scanning available TLDs. My favorite tool by far is NameMesh, but if you need additional help, reach out to me and I'll help you pick the right name for you.

Happy domain hunting.

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