I'm not trying to be vulgar, this comes straight from my heart, so I will write it as it is.

If you read the blog from last week and decided that your web presence is not all that it should be, then you are obviously not yet registered with IADB Premium.

What makes us special is the fact that we reverse engineered the web to work for you.

From the moment that you registered for your free website, you noticed that creating your account and building your entire website was a breeze.

That's because we take advantage of the information that is already out there. Be it your dust covered SoundCloud account, or your IMDb page that's only updated because someone else listed you on some recent projects.

Our algorithms constantly browse the web and scan for any information pertinent to you.

We search for things that matter - your headshots, your reels, your credits, and then we update it for you. How awesome is that?

What other website provider would do this for you? We guarantee that there's nobody out there who does that.

That's because our mission is to help people like you keep your website alive!

Here's how it works. Imagine you just shot a trailer for your new film. You put it up on YouTube and just lurk around to see how many views you get.

You've completely forgotten about your website, but that's okay. Within 24 hours you'll get an email from us saying "Hey, why not add your new video to your website?"

Is that it? Just an email? No, that's not it - there's a button in the email that says "Do it!" .ou click it and it takes you to your website that shows your brand new trailer listed as a new entry.

Not enough? Fine. As soon as you get to your website there's also a popup that asks you if you'd like to share the link to your social media accounts. That's right, you forgot to share that link on Pinterest. Do that too.

Do you see the difference now?

And that's what makes us special.

With IADB, not only does your information stay up to date, all of your data is carefully coded to yield the best possible keyword search, so instead of your Facebook showing up as the first result in search engine, you will see your website where all of your information is up to date and there's no question on anybody's mind as to whether you're still in the industry or not.

Keep your information alive to keep the opportunities rolling in. Let the information die, and your next possible opportunity might just pass you by.