Three weeks ago I asked you not to be a troll, today I'll tell you, if you're not going to do anything, you might as well start trolling. :)

Okay, this is definitely NOT good advice, but I talk with so many creatives that undervalue the power of social media. This is not the 60's. Nothing comes to you on its own. You have to want it. You have to work for it. If you are skeptical, then maybe being a creative is not for you after all. Skepticism is the word of the past. You have to be a "yes-person" and leave the negativity and any other doubtful baggage at home.

I just love a post that I read a year ago on Stage 32:

"Dan, try to think of Stage 32 as less like a hiring hall and more like a huge meeting hall full of eager film makers as various stages of their careers all happily mingling together, chatting about their passions, taking interest in others, giving out advice, taking it, making friends, etc. Then there's this pained scream from a corner. The room falls silent and everyone turns. There's a guy crouched in a corner, his face twisted and straining. There's concern at first, some pace over to help but then an air of disgust spreads through the group as they realize he's squatting there crapping in his own hands, simply because he doesn't know any other way to get everyone's attention."

Here are some reasons why all social media can be useful in your career:

  1. opens up access - that's the obvious one. Thanks to social media you can connect with people you won't be able to bump into while in the store or while jogging.
  2. opens up borders - not only can you connect with people next door, you can connect with influences on another coast. There's simply no limitations, as long as they are online and available.
  3. builds relationships - social media is not all about your status updates. Connect with others. See what they do. Start the conversation. Sooner or later the topic of what you do will come up and it will be your time to shine.
  4. the more you have... - this may not be very obvious, but it's now a reality. During casting for commercials or smaller projects, a CD might ask you about your social reach? Why? Because not only do they want you to act, they also want all of your friends and followers to offer support to the project

So don't be a skeptic - go with the flow of technology - you'll be grateful to be ahead of the curve.

Web For Actors - Social Networking and Acting Mary L. Social Networking is hard at first, but once you get the hang of it and start seeing results it becomes a bit addictive. I've reached out to filmmakers and gotten responses (for work)...and sometimes celebrities (for play)!
Web For Actors - Social Networking and Acting Tomasz M. That's one way to mix work and play, Mary. Thanks for the comment. Again, let me stress out that some casting directors or filmmakers might judge you based on your social standing. Don't be a statistic. No pun... oh, who am I kidding... pun intended.