Many people plan on making resolutions for the new years, but before you do I'd like to give you a challenge. Instead of the usual, "I will lose weight", "I will cut down on spending", "I will do a 1000 sit ups each day", (oops, that last one is mine, I never make it past the first week), I'd like you to think about your career, but not as vague as "I will land 20 good gigs this year", focus on improvement. Here are some ideas to think about:

  1. Is your current location affecting your ability to get more gigs?
  2. Have you fully exhausted your current contacts?
  3. Have you fully exhausted networking abilities that are available to you right now?
  4. Can people who are not your current contacts find you easily?
  5. Can you support yourself financially while pursuing your career?

If you said "no" to any of these, then there's room for growth. I challenge you to list all the things you can do to improve your current status.

Write it down in a notebook, or in a word doc, and create a repeating task in google calendar, apple calendar or whatever other calendar you use, so that it rings in every week, let's say every Monday at 9 PM, at which time you will take out your list and read through it again. If you approach all of your obstacles on a regular basis, it will be fresh in your mind and you will be actively thinking of ways to improve your status so that come 2017 you can say that you have absolutely no regrets.