This one is a no-brainer. If you are an actor, entertainer or if you are in any type of show-biz, you will most likely have some sort of events that you would want to advertise. You can let your close friends and family know by calling them directly, but how about everybody else?

Signing up for a website with IADB enables you to post upcoming events. Furthermore, visitors to your website can sign up for event notifications, in which case they will be emailed each time you add a new event. When they receive the email, they will be able to add the event to their calendar as well, so that they never miss your performances.

Of course events do not necessarily have to mean "performances". You can add an event for your next pre-release party, or web series premiere. You name it. And to top it all off, you can preview the names and emails of all of the people who subscribed to your notifications.

If you leave an event as "active" past the actual event date, or if you add an event that happened it the past, instead of being featured on your homepage, these events will be added to the "more" section of your website. This allows you to showcase any types of events you might want to brag about. For instance, if you were nominated for an award, why not announce it to the world.