Each actor website that is offered by IADB comes with a dedicated page or section for your portfolio. Show off your skills in style. You can pick the design that suits you best and just add your photos, videos and audio files. All the visitors to your website will be able to browse through all of them or sort them by section to find the particular type of media.

Where else would you be able to have all three media types on one page? Vimeo is for video, SoundCloud is for audio, Picasa is for pictures, but who wants to browse through all of your social media sites to get the whole picture of your varied skills? Now they don't have to.

Did I mention that populating your porfolio is quite easy? To add a video, all you have to do is paste your Vimeo or Youtube link into the system. That's it. Not only do you not have to reupload all your videos all over again, but also you still get the video views / hits on your social media account. That's the best of both worlds.

As far as your images go - let's say that you have a folder that contains multiple images that you want to add to your website. Not a problem. Just select all of the images and drag them right into the designated drop zone. Click upload and you're done.