The biggest tool that you will get with IADB is the website itself. Just think about all of the opportunities you might have missed when somebody was looking for all of the qualities you possess, but had to settle on something less than perfect. Both you and the producers have missed out on a great chance. With a website on IADB, you open yourself up to the upcoming opportunities. You can now advertise your actor website on your blogs, social media pages, on your resume and on your business cards.

Speaking of resumes and business cards, we will try to help you out with these as well. We understand that as an actor or a performance professional, your set of skills can vary from one resume to another. You may want to reflect some of your skills on one resume, while holding back other skills that do not apply. So for instance, if you are being casted for a serious drama role, you may want to keep your juggling abilities to yourself - that's why we are offering the resume building tool. Select the skills that you want to showcase along with a main photo and your experiences, and save your resume drafts for later. Need another resume with small changes? Duplicate it, and make an adjustment.

Our tools will make you stand out in the crowd, but only if you chose to use them. We keep adding new features for all of our clients, and we have many ideas and big plans for the future. Just stick around and keep checking the new version updates or the blog itself. We are planning a business-card designer with few simple selection pre-populated with your information. There will be a Facebook Banner Maker, email signature generator, and more. If you have any ideas of something that would make your life easier, let us know and we will definitely consider every request.