I'm sorry. Sounds like a ridiculous post, but if I don't say it, I can't say "I told you so". Carrying a business card with you it's like carrying an umbrella in London. Many times it won't be needed, but you just never know. Here are some valid excuses for not having a business card on you:

- You just got robbed naked - they took EVERYTHING!

- Your cards burned in a car that a stuntman set on fire for a scene

- You actually live in London and forgot an umbrella and all of your cards got wet so you threw them away

That's about it. I've seen it too often that someone writes their email on a piece of napkin and hands it away. Come on - this is not 1998 - you don't have to pay extra for "Egg shell, with Roman." 2 points if you got this reference.If you don't have any professional cards yet, I urge you to get some printed right now over at Moo or VistaPrint. Don't like their basic designs? Here's a sample design from us to you.

Be ready to share your information with people who might make a difference. If you don't want to share your information with a particular person, just don't. Be honest about it. But remember, opportunity might come from many places, sometimes it's the one you'd least expect.

Just one final note - don't shove your card in people's faces either. No one likes it. If people don't ask you for your card, don't hand it out like they're hot towels in fancy restaurant. They're there for you in case someone asks you for your information. You could ask someone for theirs first, many times they ask for one in return. Just be respectful about it, otherwise that card will end up in the nearest trash can.