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Actor Website Tip #19

Clearly list your representation on the contact page

The primary visitors that you want on your actor website are people who will say, "yes, this is who I was looking for". Let's say that you have all your media in place, and your credits are stellar and the you've convinced your visitor to take it to the next step.

You need to create a clear pathway of what the next step is.

If you list your social media profiles (which I strongly believe you should), these people might be able to reach out to you directly. However, if you have a clearly labeled "Contact Me" page on your website along with the names of your talent agencies, your agents and so on, and you want your visitors to talk to them rather than talking to you directly, make sure you list the appropriate contact information. Listing the name of the company without listing the email address or a phone number might be that straw that breaks the camel's back. If you're making people jump through hoops before they even get in touch with you, how difficult will the collaboration be?

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