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Keywords are great, but focus on strengths

Actor Website Tip #17

Don't list dozens of different hobbies in the skills section of your actor website

I see this happening even among IADB'ers. We do have the filter option for important skills and less important keywords. But since we're talking tips, I thought I would throw this one out there and see if it sticks:

Refrain from listing too many skills on your website or on your resume. It pollutes your actual skills. Saying that you have 6 years experience playing alto saxophone is in fact a skill. Doing a good air guitar impression is not. Being able to do a wheelie on a motorcycle is a skill. Bicycling probably should not be on that same list.

Also, if you need to show that you know how to dance, why not show it in a video instead and tag it with appropriate labels (i.e. Tango, Salsa, etc). If you ride horses, post a picture of you on a horse and label it "Horseback riding". Prove your skills with media rather than listing a never-ending checklist. Search engines can't tell whether these keywords are used in a "Skills" section of your website or elsewhere, while visitors would benefit more from seeing your talent than reading it line by line.

After all, I can't fathom someone saying "oh no, she didn't list that she knows how to jog, let's find someone who does".

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