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What else goes on your resume?

Actor Website Tip #31

List your training - if you can, list your teacher names. If someone searches for them, they might find you.

One thing that seems to be missing from a lot of actor websites are solid credentials. Listen, you paid for all of these acting classes. Years of training. Why not bring that up every chance you get?

Standard resumes outside of film industry list the highest level of education completed. Actor's education varies quite a bit. Not only should you list every single class you have taken, you should probably list the name of your teachers. If these were casting director workshops, you should list them all the same.

If you went to college to study creative arts, that could also be on there. If you have masters in economics, well, it's up to you if you want to brag about that. Who knows, maybe the person looking at your website graduated from there as well. Stranger things have happened.

So, to sum things up, list every acting class by name, years attended, and teachers' names. Someone might even end up on your website after researching the name of the acting class, or the name of the person who taught it. You paid for it, you've not only gained knowledge but also the bragging rights.

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