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Use the right keywords on your actor website

Actor Website Tip #30

Use location and occupation keyword, i.e. "Actress from Toronto" - SEO matters.

So what are the most important keywords for you to use on your actor website? Which keywords will allow you for best branding online? Let's start with:

  1. Your name - if someone searches for you by your name, you want your website to come up first. Not your Facebook account that you use to talk gossip with your friends, not your Instagram account with the photos from the last night's party. You want your actor website to be right on top. One single entity that focuses on your craft of acting and nothing else.
  2. Your current location - you want to make it clear to everyone that you live in Ontario or in New York City. If you're willing to travel for work, make that clear as well. No one will give you a second thought if they can't figure out if you're local or not.
  3. Your union affiliation - this is quite obvious, yet still a lot of people leave that out. If you don't have any affiliation, you can specify "Non-union", this way anyone searching for someone who is SAG-AFTRA won't have to make that guess, and they'll be grateful for it. Similarly, whose who are looking for a non-union actor will know they're on the right track.
  4. Your occupation - that's right, we know it's an actor's website, ergo you must be an actor. I get it, however search engines don't know that. Identify yourself as an actor or an actress. If you're also a voice-over artist or a model, make sure you list all applicable occupations.

So in short, your homepage SEO title should pretty much say: "Jane Doe - SAG-AFTRA Actress from Los Angeles, CA". If your home page title says "home" or "hello" that's gotta change.

And just to clarify, title is what shows up in a browser tab:

IADB - Actor Websites Title

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