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Two clicks rule for your actor website

Actor Website Tip #36

Getting to any desired content should never take more than 2 clicks.

I used to build real estate websites for many years, and we've always had a standing rule of "three clicks". What it meant is that no content should take more than three clicks to get to.

I've been running statistics on actor websites for quite some time now, and have analysed that the bounce rate is much higher for any content that is not available within two clicks. That includes a click-to-play videos and soundtracks. That includes going to a photo gallery and opening a specific headshot. Two clicks. That means, no splash pages with a welcome message. No complex menus. No autoplay videos that need to be stopped or muted. Two clicks.

Proper architecture of a website is vital for this. If you want to consider a hamburger menu for a cleaner look, do it, but keep in mind to label the menu or make it clear that your website is not just a splash page, otherwise your bounce rate will be astronomical.

Just for clarification, bounce rate is the percentage of people that leave your website without looking at more than a single page on your website.

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