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Make your acting reel easily accessible

Actor Website Tip #35

If you have a good reel, put it (or a link to it) on the homepage along with resume and headshots.

If your reel is impressive and of a great quality I would even recommend putting it on the homepage instead of your main image, but in any case you still want your reel easily accessible.

Even if your reel is very short because you're a new actor, even if the quality of your reel is sub-par, it doesn't matter, make sure that if you don't have the video available on your home page, you at least have a link to it somewhere so that your visitors can get to it with a single click.

In the web development world, we call these "CTAs" - calls to actions - meaning buttons and links that are sought after by your visitors. In case of an actor's website, that would normally be your reel, your headshots and your resume.

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