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Short actor bios welcome

Actor Website Tip #38

Actor bios should not be long. Keep it brief and use keywords. Save the rest for your blog

There are many articles on actor bios out there that will teach you how to write these.

This tip is not about that.

This tip simply says: keep it short and simple!

We ran statistics on the length of time a visitor stays on a bio page of an actor website, and the results were definite!

Actors who post long bios have an average visit time of 4.2 seconds! Actors who post shorter bios have an average visit time of astonishing 53.8 seconds! That is a huge difference that serves as a proof. If your bio is too long people will less likely read it.

Now, what do I mean by short vs long bios. Our analysis used 800 characters as a breaking point. That's practically about 2-3 paragraphs for a short bio. Anything longer than that is considered long.

I'm not saying that if it's 801 characters long people will less likely read it, but the truth of the matter is, the less you stuff it, the better chance of someone actually giving it a shot.

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