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Easy to edit actor website

Actor Website Tip #8

Make sure you can edit your website with ease.

Okay, now that I've pointed out what to avoid, here's what you definitely want on your actor website:

An easy to access content management system.

Here's another reason why custom design might be a bad idea. Many times they don't come with a management system and if you want to change something or add something you have to ask for help, wait, and hope for the best.

If you're getting a website, make sure that you will be able to edit the things that you want to edit and that you will have control over your website that doesn't require coding. For example, if you get a new IMDb credit and you want to brag about it via your website it shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes to get it added. If you're forced to use archaic system to create a table row and then you spend 20 minutes to position an image into a table cell and you're getting frustrated with the task, the odds are that the next time you have to do it again, you probably won't. And as I mentioned it in a previous tip, that's the biggest no-no of owning a website.

Similarly, adding your headshots, acting reels, awards, events and updating any part of your bio should not take longer than 2 minutes each. If it does you will probably be dissmayed to do it over and over agian in the future.

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