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Actor websites should be responsive

Actor Website Tip #9

Make sure your website loads well on mobile devices.

What it means for website to be responsive is that it will "respond" to screen size changes. In other words, it will look great no matter how big or small is the screen you're using to preview your website.

There are four types of websites out there:

  1. Fully responsive actor websites - is what we offer here at IADB - you can test it out by grabbing the side of your browser edge and make the window smaller and smaller. You'll see that the website will react by shifting things around and hiding some less important information as you get down to the smallest mobile dimension.
  2. Actor websites with mobile detection - these websites will not respond well as you make them smaller, but they might have a separate mobile version when opened on a phone or a tablet. In these cases I recommend you test these carefully by comparing them to the main website on a computer, sometimes these websites loose a lot of style information.
  3. Actor websites that get zoomed out - this is the lazy way to deal with responsiveness... let's just zoom out to fit the screen. The problem with that is that you end up with text so small that even ants wouldn't be able to read it (not that I'm claiming that ants can read). Stay away from those.
  4. Actor websites with no responsiveness at all. When you preview those on a mobile device you will just see an upper left corner of the website and you need to slide, pinch, twist and turn to be able to read anything that's on it. This is the worst. If you see a website like that, know that most people who use a mobile device to look at things will probably chose not to look at your website... ever.
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