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Actor website visitor analysis

Actor Website Tip #10

Use some sort of analytics information to see if your website is being visited.

You probably have heard about website analytics before, but some may not have a clue what that's all about. And that's fine, you probably don't need to know that much, but you know what helps? Seeing if people do indeed visit your website.

If you own a website you need some sort of monitoring device to see at least how many visitors you get each month. If you can get more specific information, hopefully some chart showing you daily visits, that would be great too.

Even better if you can tell which website the person came from, this way you can tell if you should focus more on contacting people from one site rather than another. This could be visitors coming in from your social account like twitter, stage 32 or instagram, or they could be coming from any other website that linked up to you. If you see someone new pointing to your website you may want to take a look who it is and what they have to say about you. Usually it's a praise of some sort if they link to you, so it might be worth saying "thanks".

One final actor website analytic data that might be of interest to you is to see where the visitor is coming from. Often times you might be getting scanned by some robots out there just scanning the web for data. You could then probably tell a difference between a good week with 25 visits from Hollywood, CA and a not so good day with just 1,000 visits from Bangalore, India.

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