Very clean and professional look. Contact icon and quick download icons available.

Very clean and professional look. Contact icon and quick download icons available.

This design was meant as a treat for our free users, yet still a lot of our Premium users jumped aboard this train and still chose this template over others.

Plain Resume is a single page website, which means you will be able to scroll through it and see all of the contents without a single click.

There is no menu here and everything is build to look, as the name implies, just like a resume.

Design itself is very simplistic - basic color usage is applied to the borders, call to action buttons and some light elements throughout the page. Dark background or a canva background is recommended to highlight the page as it does not use any borders. In other words, using no background at all will make it look slightly broken, so even if you're a fan of very light websites, I would recommend at least a light gray background to make it pop.

Layout itself makes the website look as if you were actually looking at somebody's actor resume, however it's as interactive as other actor websites as you can fill out a contact form, click on various elements to obtain social media information, headshots and... the actual resume.

Originally built as a free alternative to tabbed-simplicity, but soon after we converted it to a premium template and gave it a bit more love and attention focusing on details, spacing and per-user customization.

Works best with 5 or less featured social media links.

Hints on setting up this template

This template is for simplicity lovers.

No limit on social icons.

Call to actions appear in the bottom right, always floated.

Audio files are separated to their own section and the player is fully exposed.

No special instructions for setup. Simply chose this template and enjoy.

  1. Does include QR code option
  2. Does not work with NACHO slideshow
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Free actor website design

Optional Google map on contact page

Fully editable actor skills and bio

Fully editable menu

Menu categories

Responsive / all-devices design

Single page actor website design

Actor headshots / reel gallery

Audio / voiceover media player

Actor training and resume showcase

Actor credit listings

Has social feed

Has blog

Has thumbnail size picker