Actor website built by request. Template features big image slider on the homepage.

Actor website built by request. Template features big image slider on the homepage.

This website was done per request of one of our clients.

Design shares some similarities with our Slider Metro template, however the menu layout is much different. This is one of the few templates where photo categories and video categories will be broken out of the regular menu style and displayed as their own pages (instead of the regular "Portfolio" link).

Website is built with bootstrap technology and uses cycle tool to rotate large images on the home page.

Also per request of one of the users, we have added an option to use multiple crops of the main photo on the homepage, and while I still think it's a beauty with a 4 by 3 image, you can play around and see what looks best for you.

The menu itself can fit quite a few extra categories, so if you are looking for a way to separate your reels from your trailer videos or your headshots and your behind the scenes photos, you will be able to do so here.

Colorful social media link tabs are listed on the bottom right and when used with brighter backgrounds such as blue or green, they give the modern metro-style look.

This actor website is great for any actor unless you're looking for something much more flashy, in which case showcaser design might be better for you. Also if most of your headshots are in the standard 8x10 portrait size, sticky-headshot comes to mind as a good alternative.

Hints on setting up this template

This template is one of our most popular once, however it has no specific call to actions.

No limit on social media icons, recommended number of menu items is 9 or less.

No special instructions for setup. Simply chose this template and enjoy.

  1. Does include QR code option
  2. Does not work with NACHO slideshow

Special instructions for setup: 

  1. Mark at least one of your photos as "Add to slideshow"

  Yes No

Free actor website design

Optional Google map on contact page

Fully editable actor skills and bio

Fully editable menu

Menu categories

Responsive / all-devices design

Single page actor website design

Actor headshots / reel gallery

Audio / voiceover media player

Actor training and resume showcase

Actor credit listings

Has social feed

Has blog

Has thumbnail size picker