Showcase your headshot as your visitors scroll through your website.

Showcase your headshot as your visitors scroll through your website.

This template is a full-screen headshot template - recommended for actors with professional quality headshots.

This is a single page template. All information is listed on the right hand side allowing you to scroll to different sections by clicking icons in the middle.

As you scroll through the page you will see the contact information show up right over the headshot - this is intentional, giving the user a clear view of your "looks" the second they come to the website and as they scroll through (which means you peaked their interest) additional information shows up along with call to action links.

This actor website features an "always-on-top" name, title, headshot and main info box styled with your colors, but darker colors are highly recommended. Choosing bright light colors as the main color may render this template improperly.

Large call-to-action icons are located in the text section of the website to guide your users where you want them to go, but honestly everything in this design seems big as there is no padding or margins, so the website displays wonderfully on small to mid size screens.

While we may have few other templates that use the left side for your main headshot (natural design - think of photo ids), this one showcases you and sells your branding very well "hey, it's me, I'm an actor, keep looking at me while you learn more."

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Free actor website design

Optional Google map on contact page

Fully editable actor skills and bio

Fully editable menu

Menu categories

Responsive / all-devices design

Single page actor website design

Actor headshots / reel gallery

Audio / voiceover media player

Actor training and resume showcase

Actor credit listings

Has social feed

Has blog

Has thumbnail size picker