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Is Your Actor Website Ultra Fast Loading?

Actor Website Feature #15

All of our actor websites are built and tested with speed in mind.

Speed matters. Oh yes it does. Have you ever tried to open up a page, but it was taking too long and after few seconds (or maybe even a minute) you just gave up? I bet it happened to you. Now, do you think that casting directors, agents and even filmmakers who may be interested in you have MORE patience or LESS patience? My bet would be on “less”.

Actor websites, unfortunately, are usually VERY bad with that, because of the large images and code that gets no love from the people who are hosting your website.

So what is the reason why actor websites are worst of all? Number 1 reason are uncompressed images. A lot of actors get raw formats from their photographers and upload these images “as is” to the website. That is not good, but your website providers won’t stop you from doing that, hey, it’s your website, do as you please. No! Do not upload large images. They will throttle your websites waaaay down.

But it’s not just the images, it’s the quality of the code and optimization of the entire website. If you’re using sites like WordPress, it may also depend on third-party plugins you use.

With Web For Actors, the only third party plugins you get are the ones you definitely need and use. As far as the images go, we resize all of your photos to load very efficiently on your website, so that you never see these quarter-of-the-way loaded images on your website and twiddle your thumbs while the image still buffers above your eyebrows.

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