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The most complaints that I hear from actors that use websites like Wix or Weebly or WordPress is that they hate updating their website because they don’t remember how to do it.

So here’s the deal. A lot of actors who want to build the website on their own research how to do so and following some tutorial step by step they end up with a website or a webpage they’re happy with. Is it perfect? Probably not. Is it good enough for them at the time, often times, yes, they are happy.  These actors still end up paying their host the same amount or more than what they’d pay for a premium Web For Actors website, but here’s a problem. They need to change something, anything, I don’t know, for instance, they have to replace their resume with an updated one. As you might have expected, neither Wix nor Weebly nor WordPress is intended for hosting resumes, so you probably had to jump through hoops to get that link on there. How do you change it? Well, guess what, you now have to jump through the same hoops or hire someone to do it for you. In most cases, people just give up and not do it at all.

Not only would this not happen with Web For Actors, because you will probably get an email before you realize that your acting resume is out of date asking you if you want to update it, but also, if you did want to do it on your own I bet you a dollar that you’d be able to do so within 5 minutes despite of how long it’s been you’ve edited your website last time. And if you’re somewhat proficient, you can update it in less than a minute by clicking “Files”, then “Resumes” then uploading a new resume or changing an existing one. Why? Because unlike others, we build tools for actors, while they build tools for everyone.

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