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Is Your Actor Website Prebuilt With a Contact Form?

Actor Website Feature #24

Not all websites need a contact form. Actor Websites do.

I think that one of the biggest issues with any website out there (not just actor websites) is not having a contact form that is easily accessible to all visitors. For instance, on Web For Actors websits, we may not list a lot of things in our main menu, but "Contact" button is always prominent and a lot of "Help" buttons all over our site will lead you to a form that lets you contact us easily.

Many people use their actor websites as an online business card. Can you imagine a business card that has absolutely no contact information whatsoever? No phone number, no email address, no website information? Well, missing a contact form on your actor website is sort of like that. People should have a choice of how to contact you. If they want to call you, you should let them have that option. If they want to fill out a brief contact form to ask you a question, they should absolutely be able to do so as well.

All Web For Actors templates will offer a contact form that is automatically linked to the email address you provided during registration. You may want to chose not to show your email address so that your email address does not end up on spammer lists, and for the same reason you may want to chose not to show your phone numbers, because you might end up getting some unwanted calls, but one thing your actor website should not be missing is a way to contact you without disclosing your actual email address to your visitors.

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