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Is Your Actor Website Optimized for Audio Playback?

Actor Website Feature #23

Actor Website, Voiceover Actor Websites, can you spot similarities?

Websites for voice actors are actually especially hard to obtain, because you are dealing not only with making sure everything that regular actor should have on your website, but in addition you have to have an audio player embedded to your website that allows instant playback of your sound files.

Unlike videos, audio files could be either stored on your computer, or if you prefer, you can load them from your SoundCloud account. There are no specific benefits of having one or the other, however we've noticed that for some voice actors who want to share a single audio file on their website, they're preferred method is to upload the file directly to Web For Actors, while those who have long playlists with multiple examples, tend to use SoundCloud implementation.

Even though Web For Actors is not advertised as a system for Voice Actor Websites, it is very much the case. Not only do we have Voice Actors using our systems, we also have audio engineers and composers creating their portfolios using our website building system.

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