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Is Your Actor Website Offering a Guided Setup?

Actor Website Feature #7

If you have to google how to set up your website, that ain't right.

This item does not only speak to the ease of use of Web For Actors control panel, but also how much thought we've put into making sure that our system will not overwhelm you in the least. Just from the get go, we allow you to build your website by simply typing in your email address and then with few clicks we find all the data related to you on social media networks with no need to allow any exports or enter any passwords.

Once you make it past that initial import you are introduced to the quick sidebar panel which needs no explanation because it allows you to modify your actor website with each click. You can change the entire design, swap out colors, backgrounds and fonts. It's that easy.

Finally we have the control panel itself and even that has split up for you so you can see the basic functionality and advanced functionality as we never want to throw you into a deep water, we recommend you start with the basic set up until you feel comfortable with those, then enable the advanced features to see all the extra stuff that you can do there.

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The Timeliner

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Industry Contacts version 1.2

Industry Contacts version 1.2

12.31.2050 Take control of your contacts
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