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Is Your Actor Website Nominated for Awards?

Actor Website Feature #6

IADB has been chosen for a startup competition of a year. Twice!

Listing your acting awards on your website could be as simple as putting a bullet list somewhere near your bio, but... it doesn't have to be. Awards should be big. It's your proof of success. You've achieved something adn your website SHOULD scream "I have awards", and you know that this little bulleted list is just not going to cut it.

Most website providers don't offer something as unique as laurel builder for your website, because, let's face it, it's unique to our industry only and they want to add items only that can apply to everyone. Fortunately, we are the inverse of that. We build websites for actors and actors get awards so you get to showcase these alongside your credits so that your visitors know that you are awesome at what you do.

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The Timeliner

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Industry Contacts version 1.2

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