Happy Holidays Everyone!

We are now announcing the launch of the Web For Actors rewards plan. It includes rewards for reporting bugs to us and for referring new customers. Our mission at Web For Actors is to offer the best possible online presence for the folks in the film and TV industry and we are sure we can do it better with YOUR help. And what better way for us to show our gratitude than cash!?

We are constantly growing and we are making sure the quality of our product grows with us. Over the last 2 weeks we started expanding our team with new developers. Shoutouts to Johnny H. and Thang L. if you're reading this. 


How does it work? Simply get your referral link from the dashboard and send it to your friends. If they subscribe through your link, you'll get $1 a month for as long as your friend is a member. If there are any promotions running at a time, the link in your dashboard will be automatically updated.

Shoutout to Jessica C. for referring most friends to date - 23! - and unlocking the second tier of referrals at $1.50 per member!!! Thank you to all who have referred others to our platform, your thank you cash will await you in your dashboard every single month.


How does it work? If you see an issue with our website or even your website, send us a report through your admin dashboard. You'll get anywhere between $0.50 to $3 for each bug depending on severity of the issue and whether or not someone else has already reported that.

Shoutout to Ian G. for reporting most bugs - 18! - over the last few weeks. Thank you to all who have reported issues with the site. Your thank you cash awaits you in your dashboard.