Today just a short update. We hope everyone's enjoying their holidays, so we won't be sending out any emails today or tomorrow, and obviously we took a break the last three days. :)

We've just updated how the QR codes are shown on the website. Back in the day we had a few templates show a little QR code right next to the map, or on top of the map. Now you can enable a QR code as one of your social media link buttons by going to your template settings page (it's one of the toggles). It's as simple as a click of a button, so if you're planning to attend any no-contact meetings and people need your information, you can turn this on with one click and share it as needed. When you're done, you can turn it off. And yes, you can reach out with your QR code and be scanned from 6 feet away. :)

Stay safe everyone and Happy Holidays once again.