Every now and then I end up Ubering back from my office in Manhattan Beach Studios down to Redondo Beach where I reside.

Each time I get into the ride, I start up a conversation with the driver, just to hear their stories. Only once I was disappointed when I chatted up a pathological liar that would try to feed me such nonsense that even a child would presume he was out of his mind. But I digress. Many times, the driver that gives me a lift home is associated with the film industry. I've met actors, composers, crew members between projects and I never questioned it. Maybe they're waiting for the next gig to come in, or waiting for an audition, why not make an extra buck?

One time I got into a car and recognized the driver, but since I wasn't 100% certain, I waded gently through the water. Sure enough few minutes later he told me he was an Oscar winning director that is currently working on a feature film. Why? Why in the world would you drive an Uber instead of working on your film, spending time to advertise or network.

"Well, my friend", he said, "I am networking. Do you remember where I picked you up?" - then it hit me. This brilliant man hovers around film studios and waits for someone in the vicinity to request a ride. He said 7 out of 10 times these are people who work in the industry. Once in a blue moon, he gets an executive shot caller, who can make a difference and help him out.

Now, that's what I call brilliant. Sneaky, but brilliant. I didn't mean to steal anyone's secrets, but if it works for him, maybe it would work for you. Just a thought.