This book successfully bridges the gap between the non-specialist’s experience of film acting and the film theorist’s analysis of that experience. Moreover, because the book acknowledges and respects filmgoers, it allows them, in turn, to acknowledge and respect film theorists. And this is a remarkable achievement. -- Richard Brestoff, University of California, Irvine Given the powerful influence that film acting has on our communities, Theorizing Film Acting strikes me as a moral imperative for all those wishing to encourage reflection on a cultural force that continues to shape our psyches. -- Mary Angiolillo, FAMU, Prague Aaron Taylor is an Assistant Professor in the Department of New Media at the University of Lethbridge. His recent publications on film acting can be found in Quarterly Review of Film and Video (2012), Acting and Performance in Moving Image Culture (2012), and Stages of Reality: Theatricality in Cinema (2011). He has recently written on It’s a Wonderful Life for the Cultographies series .