For the past few months I've definitely watched more Netflix, read more books, and I sure as heck have listened to more podcasts while stuck at home. Being able to listen to people's stories and draw inspiration from them has always helped motivate me, whether these podcasts are about running a business (i.e. MIXERGY), optimizing search engine strategies (i.e. MOZ), or about acting... there's always some nugget of wisdom, bit of new information, and even if I learn nothing new, I feel like I've met one more inspiring person whose interests are aligned with mine.

I figured, I'd turn my quiet blog into an Acting Podcast recommendation medium... I was trying to come up with a catchy name with alliteration for it, and instantly #PandemicPodcasts came to mind, haha, but that's obviously too depressing and I figured #PowerThroughPodcasts might be more on the nose. We need to power through these tough times. Passion drove us all to where we are right now, and we shouldn't give in, because change is on the horizon.

Without further ado, I'd like to invite you to the first Podcast of the series:

Speak L.A. just launched their most recent episode with King Vader (no relation to Mr Darth).

You might already be one of his 1.6m Instagram followers or maybe you're one of the 2.4m YouTube subscribers. King Vader is a 22-year-old Maryland native who started creating content at a pretty young age. Pre-teen! With goals set in his mind, passion and persistence, he moved to L.A., and kept improving his content until it reached the desired dopeness. But does it mean he can't do any better? Check out his links above for his videos, and definitely click here to check out Speak L.A.'s podcast with King Vader.

As King says... "Outdo Yourself!"
Stay positive and keep on rocking!