Awesome news for actors on social media - we have just launched PHASE 1 of - a micro website for your social media. This phase includes THREE templates, an option to add "Call me / email me" links, your headshot, your links, your social media links and your VIDEO REEL. And guess what, it's FREE for all for 2019, so give it a shot.

Why all actors on social media should use this? 

Iit expands the capability of your single link so you no longer have to choose whether to send someone to your IMDb profile or to your YouTube channel or your awesome website by Web For Actors.

It's a short link that is focused on your career. No more link trees, no more camp sites, what do those even mean? They're hard to remember, and they're not really intended for actors, they're intended for... well... anybody. Just think about it, as a casting director or filmmaker would you sooner click on or With one you will most likely find some actor's stuff like actor access link or reels, with the other your faith is uncertain and one may be unsure if you need to learn Italian first. (that's what .it domains are - Italy)

As a Web For Actors premium member you are automatically enrolled into this plan at no extra cost, in other words - you already have it - and as for the free members, you have the entire 2019 to try it out, if you enjoy it, you can become a premium member, otherwise, come 2020, we will downgrade you to the free version of this feature.

What is the link? It's, so here is my example:

Okay, without further ado, I give you the -make sure you check out the video to see how easy it is to modify your design and links.

Be on the lookout for PHASE 2 of this software, which will include embedding of Soundcloud, and Mailchimp newsletter signup along with statistics of who clicked on what, and how they got there, so yes, more to come.

You might have seen those link menus on Instagram and in other places before - tiny websites that combine all of your links into a nice list of links. There are few out there, from ($6 / month) to ($7 / month), from ($49 / month) to shorby ($9 - $99 / month), but I strongly believe that our concept with was created first, just check out our Instagram post from 3 years ago and that was a while after the launch.

Web For Actors - All actors who use Social Media SHOULD have this! Hector . This is great. I don't have the account yet but will make one next week.