In a few hours I will be tossing my Mensa calendar in the trash... it's still stuck on April though, anyone wants a 2/3rds of a year worth of brain puzzles?

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Today's freebie is something we've been contemplating for the past few months, but now, it's a reality. While premium members always had access to request a custom email linked to their domain, now, these members will have access to 10 custom emails - in case such is the need. 

But wait, that's not all! FREEMIUM members will also be able to create one custom email? How - you ask? Since freemium members don't have a domain name, they will be able to utilize one of our own. As of today we have the following options available: / / / / / / / /

So, if your email address is [insert your highschool nickname here][insert random number here] you might really benefit from something more custom, how does [insert your first name here]@Actors[insert your location here].com sound?

Well, now you can!