For the past few years we've been using two service providers for your websites:

  1. Screenshot Layer - had allowed us to generate amazing image previews for Social Media, S.E.O meta data and more, and
  2. PDF Crowd - had allowed us to generate your resumes and third-person bios in a PDF format

The latter has been acting a little funky lately and we do apologize for this, that's why we decided to look for an alternative, and surprisingly we came across a name we already recognized: Microlink.

When I worked for Stage 32, I have implemented Microlink to give you your own website previews for smart links, that happened in two places - when you added a link to your profile, microlink would go to the website and extract a preview image, but also when you posted a link to the lounge, it would have gone and extracted the image, title and description from the website and would create a neat little preview so people knew what they were clicking on. To my understanding, that's all that Microlink was doing at the time... well, not anymore.

Not only does Microlink seem capable of creating PDF documents, but also they can do a snapshot of a website allowing you to manipulate viewport (size of the screenshot) and more, which in theory can replace both PDF Crowd and Screenshot Layer (sorry Screenshot Layer, you've been good to us, but you don't do PDFs).

After further reviewing Microlink, they do in fact offer even more tools which are pretty darn cool, and I'm looking forward to start implementing them into our services.

This said, please stick around for the blog update on July 24 - we will announce a brand new feature for your websites.

Curious what it might be? Here are two images that might just clue you in:

Microlink = Screenshot Layer + PDF CrowdMicrolink = Screenshot Layer + PDF Crowd