What was your very first experience with acting?

Well I always loved watching movies as a child I grew up watching Die Hard, Rush Hour and Disney Movies on repeat! I loved the escapism effect it had on me. I would reenact scenes with my siblings and cousins and perform it to our imaginary friends, we were way too shy to show it to our parents. It is only now that I am older I realise that I was 'acting' from a young age, but at the time it was just a way of having fun.

When did you start acting?

My career as an actress began when I was 21! I randomly went to an open audition for the off west end play "Oh What a Lovely War!" I auditioned and got the role! It was so surreal as I was currently studying at University and never saw myself as an actress. But my mind set changed because of this role. I used the rehearsal process as my training ground, I learnt so much from the director Deidre Malynn and from the cast. It was on stage that I realised how powerful and satisfying comedy was to me. My character was a comedic soldier and nearly every other word I said was a gag and had the audience in stitches. I made it my mission to never forget that feeling and to fulfil my new dream as an actress.

How did your acting career unfold?

Well my second job was an independent comedy feature film called "Le fear 2". The majority of the film was improvised which was pretty cool and allowed me to be so free with my comedy again which was fab! After that I put a showreel together and got an agent. This then opened more doors for me. Over the years I was cast in Eastenders, BBC Doctors and Netflix's Todd Margaret. All of these shows were great to work on. I was then cast in Bridget Jones's Baby movie which was awesome. And then lead in two commercials one for HSBC and Soap and Glory Skincare.

What do you enjoy most about acting?

Many things. I love transforming my mind and body into the character I am portraying and love the feeling of telling a story. The best result is when I have resigned with the audience and they truly emphasize with the story or my character.

What was a great moment for you as an actor?

Well my family seeing me on Eastenders was pretty cool because it was a huge successful point in my career iin their eyes. However I personaly thoroughly enjoyed being on the Star Wars VII set with Andy Serkis. It was a three day test shoot where I was cast as Maz Kanata who was finally played by Oscar Winner Lupita Nyongo. I got to really dig deep with this character and change my body, voice and mind. I got to work alongside Andy Serkis king of Mocap! and I got to work on the set of Star Wars. That moment in my life was just beyond fulfilling.

What are some of your professional goals for the future?

My goals for the future is to conquer American television. I would love to lead in a sci fi tv series or comedy show.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now you can see me as the face for the Soap and Glory Skincare commercial. And a few weeks ago I wrapped on a Britsh Red Cross film shot as a VR Immersive film.

What advice do you have for new actors?

Go and get some training whether it is for a few years or a few weeks! You will always beneifit from having some training. Also remember it is a marathon not a race, take your time and keep at it. Also be the best you can be on set in the audition room and in class you never know who is watching!