We get this question a lot. What does IADB stand for? Well, since you're on the website, you probably already know it by now, but here's a bit of our history for ya.

IADB stands for Instant Actor Domain Builder. You may be wondering why the word "Actor" is in it since we also build websites for models, directors, cinematographers, composers and others. Does it mean that we mainly focus on actors? No, it does not. When IADB was conceived that was in fact the goal, but you can't stop the revolution - we now build websites for many film & TV professionals and companies.

Now, we just like to refer to ourselves as IADB for legacy reasons. No matter what domain you've accessed our website through, the INSTANT DOMAIN BUILDER part is and always will be applicable.

Did you know that the average time it takes a person to fully build out and populate their professional website with IADB is 1:29 seconds? That's right and the record time is shared between two individuals who both built their websites in 23 seconds.

Now that's what we call Instant! And we do call it that - you will see references to it all over our website, from InstaBuilder to InstaNudge, we care about making everything as fast as possible - be it building your website, or maintaining it - we're here to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our competitors might give you a tutorial on how to get started in this time, but even some of their TUTORIALS are even 15 minutes long. That's 10 times longer than our average build time. You're not doing this to learn how to code are you? You are doing this so that all of your pertinent information is available on the web. Your headshots, reels and credits are updated, and the look of your website is clean and professional. That's why IADB is the right choice.

Do actors always go to Target to get their professional headshots? Do cinematographers get all of their equipment from BestBuy? Do directors learn all of their skills from college classes? No. It doesn't mean that Target has bad photo services, or that the cameras in BestBuy are low quality, it just means that when you're a professional, you need professional services. IADB is just that.

So what does IADB stands for? It stands for speed, professionalism and quality!