Let me preface this blog post by giving credit where credit's due. I am in Heidi Dean's Facebook Group - Social Media Savvy Actors, and she constantly creates a new post asking people to follow one another on Instagram, which is great, but these posts, just like everything else have an expiration date, which brings me to my point today.

I spent about an hour coding this morning and created this interactive blog post. If this works as promised, you should be able to add your Instagram profile to the list below. If you are an actor or a filmmaker, I DO want to follow you on Instagram, and I will. I don't need to be rewarded for it, I just want to be in on whatever's going on with people's acting careers.

My ask:

  1. If you're an actor (or a filmmaker), add your Instagram profile to the list below.
  2. If you see people above you that you're not following... follow them.
  3. Bookmark this page and come back from time to time to repeat step 2.

Lets connect on Instagram!