Having a domain name adds a personal touch. We'd be happy to have Bradley Cooper under bradley215.iadb.com and Cate Blanchett under cate_aus.iadb.com because they would be advertising IADB with their websites, but it is better to have your own domain name that are easier to remember and say something about you.

Domain names represent you online, so why not represent yourself well? Most likely all of the first names are already taken up everywhere, so getting a website that says bradley.com or cate.com will not work out for you. For many of you first and last name combination will also be taken out of the circulation. Our advise to you is to get something short and to the point.

What do you want to say in your domain name? Are you an actor? You may use that. Are you residing in New York? Good to know. But also keep in mind to pick domain names as if you were picking your new last name. Is this something I'm willing to get stuck with for a while? Of course, you can change a domain name in the future, but the age of domain name gives you bonus points, so the longer you have a particular domain name, the better for you.

So yes - having a domain name is highly recommended by IADB. You can get the domain name elsewhere and let us help you link it up to your website. That's not the problem. If you chose to get the domain through us, we will not profit from that, and will only charge you what we're getting charged. We want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible!