If you're not a web developer telling you that IADB keeps connecting to different API in order to ease the strain of data entry for the customer may sound like mumbo jumbo. But trust me when I say it's big and it's good.

Think of it this way - did you ever go to a bank or D.M.V. and had to fill out a bunch of forms at once? And guess what, a lot of the questions repeated, right? Enter your name. Enter your SSN. Enter your date of birth. If these agencies asked you to just enter your SSN once, and would grab all of the information from their system then populate it for you, wouldn't it be much easier? Well, I'm pretty sure that in the future this is how things will work, but for now you have to spend a while at the D.M.V, but at least you can save some time building your website.

Here at IADB we are proud to say that the future has arrived. If you want to go through each field and fill it out by hand, you are still free to do so, but if you have already filled it out before, then why do it again?

IADB offers websites for working professionals, but we weren't the first who provided a service for people seeking jobs and trying to connect with others online. LinkedIn has been there for all of us for quite a while now, and who doesn't have LinkedIn? If you have gotten this far that you are considering getting your own website, nine out of ten times it means that you already populated your LinkedIn page. Guess what that means - you're website is about 40% populated right from the start. If you register with IADB, simply click on "use LinkedIn to register" button, and your name, title, bio, date of birth, email and phone number, jobs, skills, schools, LinkedIn link and even Twitter link will be populated automatically to your website. How easy was that?

Well that's not the end. Since IADB specializes in actor websites and websites for performers, we know that the big item on your list are videos. Once again statistically speaking, if you're here, then the odds are pretty good that you already host a video or twenty on YouTube or on Vimeo. Guess what - we have you covered. Simply go to the videos page and click on "Get from YouTube" or "Get from Vimeo" button and you will be able to access all of your videos on one page. From there with a single click of the button you can populate the link to your video, preview image, title and the video's description right to your website, where the video will be automatically embedded for you.

And that is not all. We're constantly working to improve our services. If you are looking to host a website that will boost the ranking of your name or stage name within Google, then IADB will help you with that as well. All of our templates are built to be beautiful, fast and search engine friendly with keywords surrounding your name and title, your skills and what sort of projects you are looking for. That's right - we do it all.

All we need from you is about 30 minutes in front of the screen to fill in few missing blanks and choose the look for your website that fits you best. The rest... well don't worry about the rest. It's been handled.