The most common question that I get asked by actors I meet is "Why do I need a website?" The issue with this question is that it implies the "NEED", and any answer I can provide will not satisfy the question, because the truth is that there is NO FORMULA for what is needed to become a successful actor.

Just think about it. Is there one thing that you DEFINITELY NEED as an actor? How about acting skills? Do you know any actors who have made it in Hollywood, but you believe you're way more talented than they are? I bet you do. How about singing or dancing? How about being able to memorize scripts? Did you know that Marlon Brando could never remember his lines while shooting The Godfather? How about having good looks? Do you think all famous actors are gorgeous? Probably not.

So what do you need?

I don't believe there is one single thing that will apply to all successful actors out there. So let's look at it from a different perspective. Do you think being talented would hurt your chances of success? How about being able to sing or dance? Can you imagine someone saying that you dance too well?

I like to think of it as buying multiple raffle tickets. Each box of "Should haves" that you check is yet another raffle ticket that increases the chance of winning the grand price. Does it guarantee success? No, it does not. Does it increase your chances? Absolutely.

Here's some obvious checkboxes you may want to check off, for some extra raffle tickets to success. Would you say that some don't belong on the list? Let us know in comments. If you think something is missing, again, let us know in the comments.

  • acting skills
  • improvisational skills
  • event networking
  • online networking
  • online profiles
  • professional website
  • business cards
  • well formatted resume
  • professional headshots
  • singing
  • dancing
  • memorization skills
  • casting presence
  • well-developed characters

These are all tools to help you get where you're going. One of them alone is just a single raffle ticket. Expand your chances by grabbing the business of acting by the horns.

But don't just take my word for it, here are some YouTube videos you may want to check out that confirm that having an actor website is the right way to go. Videos by us? No. Videos by casting directors and agents:

  1. Wendy Alane Wright, Talent Manger's "Do I need an Acting Website" says "Keep it short, simple and sweet. Less is more"
  2. Amy Joe Berman, Casting Director's "Websites For Actors" says "Should you have a website? Abso-fricking-lutely"
  3. Hanns Wolters, Senior Agent's "The Actor's Website" says "Please keep them [photos on your website] all decent"