Sometimes choosing the right actor means choosing the right skills an actor might posses, which often times includes the dialects he or she possesses. And so I wondered - can you do it by yourself? Well - you can try, but you may be surprised by the outcome.

I personally have a rather strong Polish accent - I came to New York in 1996, but even though my accent would fade, it would never go away, and don't get me started on learning new accents - my girlfriend tells me I sound like Borat no matter what accent I try. That's because of self-perception - that's where the dialect coaches come in.

This is something that Jordan Yanco just pointed out to me today, but it makes total sense. Unless someone tells you what to change in your speech pattern, you may just think that you've got an accent nailed, but in fact you may be far off from it. Luckily such workshops exist, and luckily to New Yorkers, Jordan is offering such workshop as a Free-for-All promotion.

If you're interested it will take place on Thursday, April 17th at the Atrium at Citigroup Center. It's at 6:30PM, so unless you are performing an open heart surgery on a Thursday evening, I highly recommend it!