We have released our flyers to different acting schools and stage managers, so if you have come across them recently, let us know, we'd like to here what you think about them. When we designed these we were thinking of what message we want to relay in it, the rest came easy:

FRONT OF THE FLYER: we make strong points that the websites at IADB are made for actors, they're affordable and that they look great on every device. Internet Actor's Database does not make websites for doctors, lawyers or real estate agents. We make websites for actors. And we make them well. With the prices we are offering you can't go wrong. Sign up for a monthly plan and pay $8/MO or sign up for an annual plan and pay ONLY $60 PER YEAR!

We've put a screenshot from three different iphones on the bottom of the flyer with three different actors, current members who have given their permission to advertise using their website. Special thanks to John Chambers, Olga Desyatnik and Inga Alvarado.

BACK OF THE FLYER: we had fun with this. We actually listed 50 or more reasons why you should be a member on an IADB website, then we picked a little over dozen of our favorite ones and formed a decision graph for you. The graph asks you if you have a website and proceeds to ask you about different important aspects of a website from the actor's perspective. Does it have a reel option? Can you outline your skills? And so on. As the chart shows - we are the only ones who do it all, because building specialized Actor Websites is our specialty.

If you are an actor and do not have a website, IADB is the best start you'll ever get. If you already have a website, IADB is most likely your best next step.