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Using 3rd party plugins might break your pages

Actor Website sin #10

Thy shalt be careful with thy 3rd party plugins

Another acting website hosting company giant has taken a "break"... the best part - it's on the website they use as a main example of their actors website, and it's been there for at least a week.

Here's what I think the message will say as I scroll to the right:

  1. Whoops, looks like something we did broke this page, but we will blame it on somebody else so that we're not accountable for your visitors not being able to listen to your voice clips
  2. Whoops, looks like something we just said gave us an idea. It was trolls. Trolls broke your voice clips. It's their fault. It's always the trolls.
  3. Whoops, looks like something is way more important than fixing this... umm... we're on a lunch break... we'll be back in 2018

Mmm, I just love the smell of errors in the morning.

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