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Mislabeling your main menu

Actor Website sin #11

Thou shalt know definition of the word "News"

Imagine going to an ice cream store and requesting a scoop of frosty delight below the cover clearly labeled "blueberry". How would you feel if the salesperson reached beneath the cover and handed you a corn dog? Hey, maybe you like corn dogs. That's fine, but it ain't no blueberry ice cream.

Also note that it's not corndog nor icecream, I get that some people write voicereel as a single word, but you will not find that in any thesaurus, regardless of whether we know what you meant by it or not... but I digress.

Random tweets that you're mentioned in along with bunch of other guys IS NOT news! If you're not sure what your "News" page should have, you can take a look at the heading image that actually depicts article cut outs. If you don't have any news, change the name of the tab to "Twitter" or "Feed" or "Social", or better yet, remove it from your menu.

And since we're on the topic of the menu, CV would go better with your "About Me" page, not "Contact" page. The way it's set up doesn't flow together. Not to mention that by all web standards, contact page is usually the last option in the menu.

Great! Now I really want a blueberry ice cream.

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