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Outdated look on your actor website

Actor Website sin #-7

Thou shalt not repeat thyself

This website was probably built at the same time this photo was taken, but can you spot another issue here?

Does this actor website look outdated? Yes. Does it feel I could print it and use it as sand paper? Yes. But there's another issue there, can you spot it? **The Jeopardy melody plays in the background** Okay, time's up. See, what happened here is Oprah showed up and screamed "you get a menu, and YOU get a menu!" What in the world's going on in here?

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The Timeliner

The Timeliner

12.31.2050 Template Tuesday
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Industry Contacts version 1.2

Industry Contacts version 1.2

12.31.2050 Take control of your contacts
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I'm your buddy Bottie, I was hiding behind the scenes, but now that you've found me I'd be happy to tell you what I'm doing.

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